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Welcome to LeTip Freehold Chapter

You may have attended networking group meetings before, but you haven’t seen ours! With over 100 members, we are the largest LeTip chapter in the world, and (lucky you) we are in Central New Jersey! We are hands-down the most successful business networking group in New Jersey. Come to a meeting and you will meet 100 other local business people as well as have an opportunity to tell us about your business.


We pass over 300 qualified business leads on a weekly basis! That is over 15,000 leads a year!


Group meets every week on Thursday morning

6:55 AM to 8:31 AM


18-20 East Main Street

Freehold, NJ 07728


LeTip International, Inc. was founded in 1978 by Ken Peterson in San Diego, California; has over 400 chapters across the USA and Canada; is the largest networking organization in the country; is dedicated to putting "DOLLARS IN YOUR POCKET"


LeTip of Freehold holds breakfast meetings every Thursday morning from 6:55 to 8:31 a.m. sharp. At the meetings, which are brief and to the point, LeTip members exchange valuable business tips. Guests will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and their business to the group with two “30-second commercials”.

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Next Week Speakers


Here is a sampling of our current OPEN categories:


Telecom Professionals

Office Equipment Sales/Service/Rental


Private Investigators

Carpet Cleaner

Cell Phone Sales


Office Supplies

Physical Therapist

Employment Attorney

Funeral Services

Real Estate Appraiser (Residential)


Music Teacher

Car Detailing

Graphic Designer


Appliance Repair

Retirement Community

Window Tinting Car/House

Garage Floor Coatings

Interior Decorator

Wedding Planner

IT Staffing Company

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